Fibox Non-Metallic Polycarbonate Wifi Enclosures

Fibox Non-Metallic Polycarbonate Enclosures  for WiFi Applications


Fibox polycarbonate enclosures are ideal solution for outdoor WiFi applications compared to metal or fiberglass enclosures. Fibox polycarbonate plastic offers zero resistance to wireless transmissions. The WiFi friendly nature of Fibox polycarbonate eliminates the need for an external antenna, reducing costs at the design level, the subsequent cut-outs or holes to accommodate the antenna, and potential for vandalism.

Not all polycarbonate formulas are the same. Fibox polycarbonate enclosures offer the greatest UV resistance on the market, taking part in an independent ISO 4892-2 (accelerated weathering test) utilizing a xenon arc lamp.  Fibox’s enclosure materials were bombarded with high-intensity UV light for over 5,000 hours simulating 25 years’ worth of direct sunlight exposure.  The results demonstrated that the Fibox polycarbonate outperformed both the fiberglass and other polycarbonate materials in the test.

Other factors to consider; include that Fibox polycarbonate is considerably more durable and flexible than metal or fiberglass enclosures. The Fibox polycarbonate enclosure will not dent, blister, rust, crack, or delaminate in the field, compared to a metal or fiberglass enclosures.

Fibox polycarbonate enclosures are significantly lighter than metal or fiberglass putting less stress on the field installation, and offer cost savings in transportation, both with direct shipping and human resources.

Fibox polycarbonate enclosures also offer clear cover options for most series of enclosures and cabinet enclosures.

Fibox polycarbonate enclosures can easily be modified in the field or factory floor with conventional tools.  Of particular note many Fibox non-metallic polycarbonate enclosures sport pre-formed knock-outs needing only a hammer and a flat head screwdriver to customize the enclosure to the user’s needs (please note a NEMA 4X cable is required to maintain the NEMA rating of the enclosure).

All Fibox enclosures can be customized to meet your application’s requirements. Sophisticated CNC machinery can fabricate enclosures with holes, cutouts, recesses, and more. Enclosures can be laser printed with nomenclature, photo-quality images, and text. Any accessories can be installed, resulting in the delivery of a completed mechanical assembly. At our Baltimore service center, FiboxUSA maintains a customization facility, staffed with application engineers, CAD and CAM programmers, and equipped with modern CNC machinery specially designed and built for precision plastic machining.