Large Polycarbonate Enclosures

Large Non-Metallic Enclosures

Although size is a relative thing, Fibox the leader in non-metallic polycarbonate enclosures, is proud to say that we have the largest wall mounted

Landscape nema 4, 4X non-metallic enclosure

ARCA IEC is now available in portrait and landscape orientation

enclosure on the market with our ARCA – IEC series, measuring up to a whopping 32 x 24 x 12 inches. This lockable hinged cover enclosure, this NEMA rated behemoth of a polycarb box, this colossal cabinet enclosure was recently introduced in the states after a receiving a huge welcome from the European market.

Available with either a portrait or landscape orientation, the ARCA – IEC is sure to make a lot of folks happy, with its lightweight, easy-to-modify UV, and impact resistant polycarbonate material, the ARCA – IEC simply saves time and money compared to fiberglass or metal enclosure.

The Formed In Place PUR gasket keeps a watertight seal maintaining a dry dust free home for electrical and electronic components. The ARCA – IEC features a recessed cover hinge and integrated quarter turn locks, minimizing theft and vandalism.

24″x 24″ x 10″ Enclosure

Large NEMA 4X enclosureBefore the ARCA – IEC as launched here in the States, Fibox was making waves with enhancements to our ARCA- JIC series.  In 2014 Fibox rolled out three new and exciting sizes in our JIC series, a 20×18, and 24×20 and the 2424!  The ARCA 242410 was the first NEMA 4X 24 inch polycarbonate enclosure on the market.  Fibox cause quite the commotion, as other enclosure manufacturers  scrambled to keep up with the enclosing innovations that only Fibox dared to dream and build!


All the solutions from Fibox can easily be modified with custom cut outs, holes and recesses with our state of the art CNC machining services.  Fibox also offers the latest in digital printing and painting to make your enclosure as unique as your company!

Follow the leader and let our enclosing innovations enclose your innovations! Contact Fibox today to learn more!