Get the Big Picture on Large NEMA 4 Cabinet Enclosures

The ARCA – IEC from Fibox is now available in both portrait and landscape orientation. The ARCA – IEC cabinet enclosure is the first real enclosing alternative to steel thanks to its high impact resistance this watertight impact, and UV resistant polycarbonate enclosure will not dent, rust, crack or bloom like steel or fiberglass and weighs less and is much easier to modify.

The ARCA – IEC is manufactured in Fibox polycarbonate, a robust plastic that has endured an accelerated aging test to withstand 25 years out in the sun, without drying out or cracking. The ARCA – IEC cabinet enclosure will keep your components dry and dust free. Like all Fibox products the ARCA – IEC is UL listed and rated 4X, 6 and 6P.

The Wi-Fi friendly nature of polycarbonate eliminates the need for external antenna for radio transmission.

The ARCA – IEC has it all, offering a superior product for considerably less than the cost of the metal enclosure. In addition to price the ARCA – IEC, is lighter than metal, so it is less expensive transport and easier to modify. Fibox enclosures will outlast the competition in the field, reducing all companies’ cost of ownership when upgrading their products.

The ARCA – IEC cabinet enclosure is ideally suited for users of sheet steel and fiberglass cabinet enclosures, and designed for many applications including automation control, instrumentation, and monitoring. More so the ARCA – IEC is robust enough for harsh, hazardous locations.