Enclosure of the Month !

MNX non-metallic enclosures are designed to house and protect electrical and electronic components in hostile environments.

MNX series 200 / 125 Knock-out variant

All MNX enclosures are UL listed and rated NEMA 4X (National Electrical Manufacturers Association).

The MNX series has over 260 variations including, high and low bases, and formed-in-place metric knock-outs. Point your customers to the right size enclosure for their specific applications.

This watertight enclosure is a real workhorse both indoors and outside. The MNX easily handles harsh environments and remains dry and dust free, with high UV and impact resistance. The MNX industrial polycarbonate box will not dent, crack, or blister, like a metal box or fiberglass enclosure.

Fibox can offer custom cutouts and colors and all the standard hardware and accessories your customer needs, to make it unique to their application.