FIBOX Enclosure Solutions

Wind Energy

With the increasing worldwide energy demand, wind power offers an advanced and highly sophisticated technology as well as one of the most economical renewable energy sources. The global growth estimates from 26.600 MW (2008) to 50.800 MW (2012)* are solid proof of the industry’s significance.

Wind Turbines

FIBOX serves leading wind turbine manufacturers and provides a selection of enclosures ranging from standard enclosures to customized enclosures. FIBOX also offers entirely custom-made enclosure designs to meet specific customer requirements. FIBOX has a deep understanding of the customers’ applications, a strong material and electrical engineering  knowhow, rapid prototyping processes as well as wide enclosure range for protecting electrical and electronic components and systems. A FIBOX enclosure will guarantee that your equipment has the protection that it deserves. We are currently working with leading  manufacturers such as Vestas, GE, Gamesa, Enercon, Suzlon and Siemens as well as with leading component suppliers such as ABB and Moventas.

Main FIBOX Enclosure Applications in Modern Wind Turbine Construction

The sophisticated, electronic components of modern wind-turbine constructions require light-weight enclosures that provide excellent protection, suit various types of environments and offer easy access to the components during maintenance.

Wind Turbine

FIBOX enclosures are suitable for all turbine sizes from 0.5 MW to 3 MW.

They protect the equipment in all types of environments from onshore installations to harsh marine environments.

Download Enclosures for Wind Turbines (pdf)

*BTM Consult: World Market Update 2007