FIBOX Enclosure Resources

Battle of the Boxes

Fiberglass v Polycarbonate Enclosures by Carl Marchese The Battle of the Boxes If you are reading this, you are probably wondering “Should I use a polycarbonate enclosure or a fiberglass enclosure?”  This is a very valid question to have. Often we find companies continue to use fiberglass because they are unaware of the advantages of […] Continue Reading

Enclosure Product Specs for Engineers

Thank you for your recently attending a Fibox presentation. To save you time, Fibox has prepared ready to copy text that you may easily add into your project document, or download a pdf version for your files. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Fibox directly for more information.   FIBOX – […] Continue Reading

Case Studies

PEMs™ the Facts. Client Overview: A leading pioneer in the communication industry was creating a new project and wanted a more polished look to their product. The Problem: A communication company’s latest solution was designed using a DIN rails as opposed to a back panel.  This client has a reputation of being the best and […] Continue Reading

Instrument Protection Window Installation Video

Protecting controls and components is easy with  Fibox’s IPW (Instrument Protection Window).  This HMI cover can be easily applied to any underlying cabinet or enclosure with these easy steps. Fibox’s application engineer Ken Appell shows you how to mount your IPW, with a few common tools. Continue Reading

Distributor Resource Pages

To help our clients find the right fit for their clients  next innovation.  Fibox has is happy to post their sales collateral from our news size chart to minilogs you can access them all here. Continue Reading