Chemical Resistance – Polycarbonate

Chemical Resistant NEMA 4X Enclosures

The chemical resistance of a polymer (polycarbonate) describes its ability to maintain mechanical integrity while being exposed to specific chemical environments. Temperature, chemical concentration, state of mechanical stress, and duration of exposure are vital variables that influence the ultimate performance of polycarbonate in a particular situation.

Given these many critical variables, the final classification of “suitable for use” is mainly dependent upon the application. The information contained in the following chart can be used only as a guide in assessing the general suitability of polycarbonate for a particular application. The prospective user must determine, by proper testing, the correct application of our product in their specific use.

Please consult Fibox customer service directly should you have any questions regarding specific protection against corrosion. The following environmental resistance ratings are based upon submersion for 48 hours in the reagent listed. E-Excellent, G-Good, L-Limited, U-Unsatisfactory, and ND-No Data.


Acetic Acid G Hydrofluoric Acid 100% U
Acetic Acid 20% E Hydrofluoric Acid 20% U
Acetic Acid 80% G Hydrofluoric Acid 50% U
Acetic Acid, Glacial G Hydrofluoric Acid 75% U
Acetic Anhydribe U Hydrogen Gas E
Acetone U Hydrogen Peroxide 10% E
Acetyl Chloride (dry) U Hydrogen Peroxide 100% E
Acetylene U Hydrogen Peroxide 30% E
Acrylonitrile U Hydrogen Peroxide 50% E
Alcohols:Amyl G Hydrogen Sulfide (aqua) E
Alcohols:Butyl E Hydrogen Sulfide (dry) ND
Alcohols:Ethyl G Isooctane G
Alcohols:Isobutyl ND Isopropyl Acetate U
Alcohols:Isopropyl E Isopropyl Ether U
Alcohols:Methyl G Jet Fuel (JP3,JP4,JP5) E
Aluminum Chloride E Kerosene U
Aluminum Chloride 20% E Ketones U
Aluminum Hydroxide G Lacquer Thinners G
Aluminum Nitrate E Lacquers U
Aluminum Postasium Sulfate 100% E Lactic Acid G
Aluminum Potassium Sulfate 10% E Lead Sulfamate E
Aluminum Sulfate E Lithium Chloride G
Amines U Lithium Hydroxide U
Ammonia 10% U Lubricants E
Ammonia Nitrate G Lye:Ca(OH)2 Calcium Hydroxide U
Ammonia, anhydrous U Lye:KOH Potassium Hydroxide U
Ammonia, liquid U Lye:NaOH Sodium Hydroxide U
Ammonium Carbonate ND Magnesium Bisulfate E
Ammonium Chloride E Magnesium Carbonate E
Ammonium Hydroxide U Magnesium Chloride E
Ammonium Nitrate ND Magnesium Hydroxide E
Ammonium Oxalate E Magnesium Nitrate E
Ammonium Persulfate E Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salts) E
Ammonium Phosphate,Dibasic E Manganese Sulfate E
Ammonium Sulfate E Mercuric Chloride (dilute) E
Ammonium Sulfite ND Mercurous Nitrate E
Amyl Acetate U Mercury U
Amyl Alcohol G Methane G
Aniline U Methanol (Methyl Alcohol) G
Aniline Hydrochloride U Methyl Alcohol 10% G
Antimony Trichloride E Methyl Butyl Ketone U
Aqua Regia (80% HCI, 20% HN03) U Methyl Cellosolve U
Arsenic Acid E Methyl Chloride U
Barium Carbonate E Methyl Ethyl Ketone U
Barium Chloride E Methyl Isobutyl Ketone U
Barium Hydroxide U Methyl Isopropyl Ketone U
Barium Nitrate U Methyl Methacrylate U
Barium Sulfate U Mineral Spirits L
Beer E Motor oil E
Benzaldehyde U Naphtha G
Benzene U Nickel Chloride E
Benzene Sulfonic Acid U Nickel Nitrate U
Benzoic Acid G Nickel Sulfate E
Benzol U Nitrating Acid (<15% H2S04) ND
Benzonitrile E Nitrating Acid (<15% HN03) ND
Boric Acid G Nitric Acid (20%) G
Bromine L L Nitric Acid (50%) G
Butadiene U Nitric Acid (5-10%) E
Butane U Nitric Acid (Concentrated) L
Butanol (Butyl Alcohol) G Nitrobenzene U
Butyl Amine U Nitromethane U
Butyl Phthalate U Oils:Diesel Fuel (20,30,40,50) ND
Butylacetate U Oils:Fuel (1,2,3,5A,5B,6) G
Butylene U Oils:Hydraulic Oil (Petro) ND
Butyric Acid U Oils:Hydraulic Oil (Synthetic) ND
Calcium Bisulfate U Oils:Mineral G
Calcium Bisulfite U Oils:Olive E
Calcium Carbonate L Oils:Orange L
Calcium Chlorate ND Oils:Pine E
Calcium Chloride G Ozone E
Calcium Hydroxide U Pentane E
Calcium Hypochlorite U Perchloroethylene  U
Calcium Nitrate E Phenol (10%) G
Calcium Sulfate E Phenol (Carbolic Acid) U
Carbolic Acid (Phenol) U Phosphoric Acid (_40%) E
Carbon Disulfide U Phosphoric Acid (>40%) E
Carbon Monoxide G Phosphoric Acid (crude) E
Carbon Tetrachloride U Phosphoric Acid (molten) ND
Carbonic Acid E Phosphoric Acid Anhydride U
Chloric Acid ND Phosphorus Trichloride L
Chlorine (dry) L Photographic Developer E
Chlorine Water ND Photographic Solutions E
Chlorine,Anhydrous Liquid L Phthalic Anhydride E
Chloroacetic Acid U Potassium Bromide E
Chlorobenzene (Mono) U Potassium Chlorate E
Chloroform U Potassium Chloride E
Chlorosulfonic Acid L Potassium Dichromate E
Chocolate Syrup E Potassium Hydroxide (Caustic Potash) U
Chromic Acid 10% G Potassium Nitrate E
Chromic Acid 30% L Potassium Oxalate
Chromic Acid 5% G Potassium Permanganate E
Chromic Acid 50% U Potassium Sulfate E
Citric Acid E Potassium Sulfide ND
Clorox ® (Bleach) G Propane (liquefied) L
Copper Cyanide U Propylene ND
Copper Nitrate U Propylene Glycol G
Copper Sulfate >5% E Pyridine U
Copper Sulfate 5% E Resorcinal G
Cresols U Salicylic Acid E
Cresylic Acid U Salt Brine (NaCI saturated) E
Cupric Acid E Sea Water E
Cyclohexane G Silicone E
Cyclohexanone U Silver Bromide ND
Detergents E E Silver Nitrate E
Diacetone Alcohol U Soap Solutions E
Dichlorobenzene U Soda Ash (see Sodium Carbonate) E
Dichloroethane U Sodium Acetate E
Diesel Fuel E Sodium Benzoate E
Diethyl Ether U Sodium Bicarbonate E
Diethylamine U Sodium Bisulfate E
Diethylene Glyco G Sodium Bisulfite E
Dimethyl Aniline U SodiumBorate (Borax) E
Dimethyl Formamide U Sodium Bromide ND
Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulfate) E Sodium Carbonate E
Ethane ND Sodium Chlorate E
Ethanol G G Sodium Chloride E
Ethyl Acetate U Sodium Chromate E
Ethyl Benzoate U Sodium Hydroxide (20%) E
Ethyl Chloride U Sodium Hydroxide (50%) L
Ethylene Bromide U Sodium Hydroxide (80%) U
Ethylene Chloride U Sodium Hypochlorite(5%) ND
Ethylene Chlorohydrin U Sodium Hypochlorite(<20%) E
Ethylene Diamine E Sodium Hypochlorite(100%) ND
Ethylene Dichloride U Sodium Peroxide E
Ethylene Glycol G Sodium Sulfate E
Ethylene Oxide L Sodium Sulfide U
Fatty Acids G Sodium Sulfite ND
Ferric Chloride E Sodium Thiosulfate (hypo) U
Ferric Nitrate E Stannic Chloride E
Ferric sulfate E Sulfur Dioxide I
Ferrous Chloride U Sulfur Dioxide (dry) E
Ferrous Sulfate E Sulfuric Acid (<10%) E
Fluorine L Sulfuric Acid (10-75%) G
Fluosilicic Acid E Sulfuric Acid (75-100%) U
Formaldehyde 100% E Sulfuric Acid (cold concentrated) ND
Formaldehyde 40% E Sulfuric Acid (hot concentrated) U
Formic Acid E Tannic Acid L
Fuel Oils G Toluene (Toluol) U
Gasoline (high-aromatic) E Trichloroacetic Acid U
Gasoline,leaded,ref. E Trichloroethane U
Gasoline,unleaded E Trisodium Phosphate ND
Glucose E Turpentine U
Glycerin E Urea E
Heptane G Vinegar E
Hexane G Water,Acid,Mine G
Hydraulic Oil (Petro) ND Water,Deionized ND
Hydraulic Oil (Synthetic) ND Water,Distilled E
Hydrazine U Water,Fresh E
Hydrochloric Acid 100% U Water,Salt E
Hydrochloric Acid 20% G Whiskey & Wines E
Hydrochloric Acid 37% U Xylene U
Hydrocyanic Acid (Gas 10%) G Zinc Chloride E
Zinc Sulfate E