Product of the Month: Vent Kits

Maintain your type 4 rating with a NEMA 4 vent kit. Fibox’s Kits ensure proper ventilation for an electrical enclosure and allow for needed airflow for critical electronic components housed in your NEMA enclosure. Continue Reading

Enclosure of the Month: ARCA – JIC

The ARCA –JIC polycarbonate enclosures from Fibox are UL listed and rated NEMA 4X, and 6P. Manufactured in UV, and impact resistant polycarbonate, the ARCA – JIC weathers the elements without rusting, cracking or de-laminating. Super light-weight polycarbonate is easy to transport and modify onsite, or have it customized by Fibox before shipping. A formed-in-place […] Continue Reading

Enclosure of the Month !

MNX non-metallic enclosures are designed to house and protect electrical and electronic components in hostile environments. All MNX enclosures are UL listed and rated NEMA 4X (National Electrical Manufacturers Association). The MNX series has over 260 variations including, high and low bases, and formed-in-place metric knock-outs. Point your customers to the right size enclosure for […] Continue Reading

Service of the month: Laser Screen Printing

Adding to our selection of value-added customization and modifications services, Fibox now offers Laser Screen Printing for all of our enclosures. Laser Screen Printing allows photo quality images previously not possible on an enclosure. Continue Reading

Get the Big Picture on Large NEMA 4 Cabinet Enclosures

The ARCA – IEC from Fibox is now available in both portrait and landscape orientation. The ARCA – IEC cabinet enclosure is the first real enclosing alternative to steel thanks to its high impact resistance this watertight impact, and UV resistant polycarbonate enclosure will not dent, rust, crack or bloom like steel or fiberglass and […] Continue Reading