Time saving enhancements to the ARCA – IEC

Fibox is proud to present further enhancements to the UL listed NEMA 4X, ARCA – IEC non-metallic polycarbonate cabinet series. Save time when assembling your next build with a snap-in lockable inner front door and an easy to mount DIN-Rail frame solution kit Continue Reading

Enclosure of the Month: MNX

This watertight non-metallic enclosure is a real workhorse both indoors and out. All MNX enclosures are UL listed and rated NEMA 4X (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) and offer a high degree of protection from rain, sleet, wind-blown dust and the ingress of foreign objects. Specially formulated Inhibitors neutralize the effects of harmful UV radiation. The […] Continue Reading

Product of the Month: Vent Kits

Maintain your type 4 rating with a NEMA 4 vent kit. Fibox’s Kits ensure proper ventilation for an electrical enclosure and allow for needed airflow for critical electronic components housed in your NEMA enclosure. Continue Reading

Enclosure of the Month: ARCA – JIC

The ARCA –JIC polycarbonate enclosures from Fibox are UL listed and rated NEMA 4X, and 6P. Manufactured in UV, and impact resistant polycarbonate, the ARCA – JIC weathers the elements without rusting, cracking or de-laminating. Super light-weight polycarbonate is easy to transport and modify onsite, or have it customized by Fibox before shipping. A formed-in-place […] Continue Reading